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Illuminating West Bengal with Sova Solar: A Partnership with Lumino

Sova Solar’s journey in the renewable energy sector has been enriched by remarkable collaborations with various organizations, and our partnership with Lumino stands out as a shining example of how solar energy can transform entire regions.

In the fiscal year 2019-20, we embarked on an ambitious project with Lumino under the aegis of the West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited and West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency. Together, we undertook the awe-inspiring task of supplying a total of 30MW of solar power to three different districts in the vibrant state of West Bengal. This project has not only significantly contributed to the state’s energy grid but has also been pivotal in driving a cleaner and more sustainable future for West Bengal.

Our commitment to expanding the reach of solar energy solutions didn’t stop there. In addition to the substantial 30MW project, we supplied an additional 2.5MW of solar power to various small-scale projects throughout West Bengal. These projects have not only added to the state’s solar energy capacity but have also empowered local communities with the benefits of clean and renewable energy.

Our collaboration with Lumino is a testament to the transformative power of solar energy, driving progress and fostering environmental responsibility. As we continue to build a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world through our solar initiatives, Lumino’s partnership remains a shining beacon of hope and progress, lighting the path to a future where clean energy is accessible to all.

Join us on our journey to illuminate lives, conserve resources, and create a brighter, more sustainable West Bengal. Together, we are bringing the power of the sun to the heart of the community, where it belongs.