Sova Solar Evolving As The Best Solar Panel Manufacturer In Delhi Ncr

Solar Energy Is The Key To Sustainability

Due to its location advantage, Delhi & Delhi NCR receives ample amounts of sunlight which can generate an effective amount of solar energy. SOVA Solar being among the top solar companies in Delhi & Delhi NCR is offering an extensive range of solar panel products. Currently, evolving as the best solar panel company in Delhi & Delhi NCR.

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Sova Solar: Your One-stop Solution For Solar Panels Installation

Top Rated Solar Panel Manufacturer In Delhi Ncr

SOVA Solar is currently the best-evolving solar panel manufacturer in Delhi & Delhi NCR. We are on a mission to manufacture high-quality, cost-effective solar photovoltaic products for both grid-connected & off-grid power applications.
We ensure the production of cost-effective, clean, and green power solutions that will empower a sustainable future for all, which in turn has helped it to attain the title of best solar company in Delhi NCR.


Why Choose Sova Solar?

Exceptional Durability

 Our Solar Panel ensures unlocking sunlight’s full potential with Mono PERC Bi-Facial modules, featuring dual glass construction, exceptional durability, and industry-leading warranties.

Robust power Tolerance

Our Mono PERC Solar Cell with innovative Dual Glass technology provides the benefits of a robust power tolerance, up to an impressive +4.99 Wp, ensuring maximum efficiency.


We focus on the manufacturing of solar panels with high-quality advanced technology. Our products feature anti-reflective coating (ARC), and high-light transmission glass which are the added benefits of our product.


SOVA Solar is the best solar panel company in Delhi & Delhi NCR. Being the best Solar panel company in Delhi, SOVA Solar provides a wide range of solar panels that cater to the needs of their customers and the type that is suitable and convenient for them. This Solar panel company in Delhi & Delhi NCR is further evolving to introduce some advanced product lineups for the solar company in Delhi to progress.


SOVA Solar is among the leading and best solar companies in Delhi NCR. Recognizing the need for a greener energy solution and our responsibility towards the future, Sova Power Limited embarked on its journey in 2008. Solar Company in Delhi. Our advanced technology and experienced professionals have designed and manufactured solar panels to attain the title of best solar panel company in Delhi. The sustainable advantage that solar panels provide is beneficial for the environment and helps us to attain the name of the best solar panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

Solar Energy being a renewable source of energy provides extensive advantages for the betterment of the environment as well as increased ROI for your brand. SOVA Solar as the best solar panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR has certain added advantages and benefits which are as follows:

  • Decreased Carbon Emission: It produces no greenhouse gases or other heat-trapping emissions. It does not harm the environment that mining or drilling for fossil fuels does to the environment. In contrast to power plants that use steam turbines to create electricity, solar energy needs little to no water.
  • Low Maintenance Rate: The maintenance cost of solar panels is very economical. Since solar panels don’t have any moving elements that break down with time, maintenance is simple. Investing in solar panels can easily yield a return on investment due to its long average lifespan of 25 years and inexpensive maintenance expenses.
  • Seamless Generation of Electricity in Any Climate: As we know the generation of electricity by solar panels is highly dependent on sunlight and in places like West Bengal, the impact of sun rays is pretty strong, thus increasing the generation of electricity. Thereby, making SOVA Solar the best solar company in Delhi.

Mission Of Sova Solar As The Best Solar Panel Company In Delhi

The mission of SOVA Solar to evolve as the best solar company in Delhi is to establish and promote a clean and green earth to sustain lives. To appreciate the value of the Sun, we can utilise its divine power to generate clean and affordable energy which also helps us to fulfill the sustainable development goals for the betterment of our environment. 

It has maintained its position by being among the best of the solar power companies in Delhi & Delhi NCR. Let’s unite to support sustainable solutions, embrace renewable energy, and build a better future for future generations.


SOVA Solar has been in the market for the last 15 years and is continuing to uphold its name and reputation for further advancement in the industry and pave the way for the development of the best solar panel company in Delhi. The extensive range of advantageous qualities provided by our products has the best certification and quality guarantee. 

One can easily apply for a subsidy online using the recently developed National Portal for Rooftop Solar, and follow the full process from application submission to money transfer to the appropriate bank account. These are the specifics of the subsidy: ₹18000/kW for 1 to 3 kW. From ₹9000/kW to ₹10000/kW.

One or two layers of a semi-conductive substance, typically silicon, make up a photovoltaic cell. An electric field is created across the layers of the cell by light, and this leads to the flow of electricity. The amount of electricity flowing in a given direction increases with light intensity.

Zillow found that the average gain in a home’s appraised value due to solar panels was 4.1%. The strength of the local solar market in your area and your location determine these values.

During a blackout, solar panels won’t be able to supply electricity to your house or place of business. There are two caveats to this rule, though: either your system has energy storage built in, or you choose an off-grid system instead of grid-tied solar to avoid the advantages.

When contemplating the installation of solar systems in their houses, many often consider the upkeep that comes with it. However, the truth is that solar systems require little upkeep. You won’t need to worry about repairs for many years as long as your system is installed and maintained correctly.

Examining your power bill is the first thing you should do before beginning the solar panel installation procedure. You may estimate your monthly use in kWh by glancing at your electricity bill.

Typically, two kinds of permission are needed for an on-grid solar system.

  • Authorization from your power supplier:

There are various licences you must obtain before exporting electricity into the grid since under a grid-tied system, you will always be connected to your current electricity supplier and able to import and export electricity as needed.

  • Net Metering Application: When you install a solar on-grid system, the one-way meter you now have will be swapped out for a two-way or bi-directional meter. A net metering application typically costs between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000.
  • Net Metering Agreement: In addition to your net metering application, you must submit a net metering agreement. This basically notifies your electricity provider that you are installing solar power and that you plan to export any excess energy it produces to the utility grid and pull any excess electricity you need from the same grid when it is not in use.
  • Your municipality’s permission: The following are the cases:

Installation of solar panels on a direct roof: You do not require municipal permission to install solar panels on top of an asbestos or metal roof that you currently own.

Solar panels installed on a terrace (RCC): Depending on the height of the installation, you will need authorization to install solar panels on your terrace.

For No Height: You won’t require authorization if your solar panels are mounted at a modest height—usually less than six feet.

Elevated solar panels: In the event that you install solar panels at a height of ten feet, you may need to notify your municipality or obtain authorization in certain situations. (Verify with your local government)

Solar panels installed on a metal roof atop your terrace: If your terrace already has a metal roof that was built with permission, you are able to add solar panels to the roof. However, you might need approval from your town if you want to build a new metal shed and put solar panels on top of it so you can use the space underneath it. (This authorization varies depending on the location.)

  1. How can I tell if solar panels are a good fit for my house?

Per kW, solar panels need an area of 100 square feet. For a 2 to 3 kW solar panel installation, a typical Indian home with a monthly electricity cost of Rs. 2000 will need 200 to 300 square feet. This space needs to be shadow-free all day, every day of the year.