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The sun has long held the potential to power our future as a reliable source of energy. Such creative partnerships as the one between Sova Solar and BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) are helping to realize this potential in sunny India. A better, more sustainable tomorrow is made possible by this collaboration, which is full of possibilities.

In this blog, let us delve into an insightful case study of Sova Solar about its collaboration with BHEL and how this collaboration between one of the renowned projects and high performance solar panels in India has paved the way for the advancement of the nation.

In 2017–18, Sova Solar started this journey with BHEL by providing 1MW and 3.3MW Polycrystalline Modules, supporting BHEL’s ambitious solar power projects for a cleaner, more energy-efficient India. These modules demonstrated the inventive spirit that forms the foundation of Sova Solar’s values in addition to representing a noteworthy step towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

The delivery of 4.752MW Polycrystalline Modules in 2022–2023 marked a significant milestone in our long-standing collaboration with BHEL. These modules were incorporated into the 100 MW solar PV project run by Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited, which is housed in the Raghanesda Solar Park. This project demonstrated the cooperative efforts of BHEL and Sova Solar in advancing the development of India’s renewable energy infrastructure.

The Raghanesda Solar Park project was evidence of both groups’ commitment to advancing solar energy as a practical and sustainable substitute. It showed off not just our technological brilliance but also our steadfast dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The cooperation between BHEL and Sova Solar is evidence of the effectiveness of group efforts in addressing the problem of climate change. It acts as a catalyst for other organizations to get together and quicken the shift to a solar-powered, sustainable future. So let’s get involved, lend our support to this ground-breaking project, and collaborate to bring light to a more sustainable and brighter future.

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